Wednesday, July 25, 2018

F2F3 Update

July has been my month to receive blocks in my chosen color palette made by the other participants in the Footsquare Freestyle block swap. I've had blocks from South Dakota and two sets from France so far. The most recent blocks to arrive have come from Esther in The Netherlands Kate in Australia. Every single block is a delight. 😊

These are the blocks Esther made:

And these are the ones from Kate:

Those are "pied geese" according to Kate. 😉 I applaud her courage in attempting that pickle dish. 

I made one more block for myself yesterday. I think I was influenced by the sailboat print Lynn used in the blocks she made for me.

I found this pattern for a tall ship in a magazine I've held onto from the early 1990's. I've been wanting to try it for all these years. Now I only have one more block to make for myself. Meanwhile, here's a shot of all the blocks that have been delivered to me so far:

There are only three more sets of three to come and then I can start playing around with how to arrange them!


  1. What a lovely set of blocks, and the different blues all harmonise so sweetly together. A quilt from all corners of the world, what joy.

  2. I do loved the 'delft blue' effect of all the lovely blocks. It looks like a Dutch tile shop, so pretty! You say you've had blocks from SD - does that mean Kathy's have arrived?

  3. Fabulous blocks! (That pickle dish really IS impressive!)

  4. I love this quilt already :)

  5. Wonderful other blocks. I do like the tall ship, and I've been thinking of it since the 70s. Your actually getting it done beats my thinking it over for a long time. LOL


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