Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wedding Gift Flimsy

Finally! Not that I've been working on this project all that long. I'm just glad to have it ready for quilting. ;- )

I showed you a sampling of the Scrappy Trips blocks I've been making for this wedding gift in this post. I wanted to make the quilt a little bit personal if I could. My original idea was to make a house block, as closely resembling theirs as possible. The color scheme wasn't difficult to replicate but the size of the house in relation to the rest of the patchwork was out of proportion. So I went with this instead:

And placed it in the appropriate quadrant of the quilt top...

As usual, it was just about too big for the design wall (lengthwise). Plus I wanted to add another row of patches along the top and bottom edges to make it even longer. So I improvised a design aid.

This strip of batting allowed me to play with the leftover patches and then carry the whole strip to the sewing machine intact. It worked pretty well too!

We haven't managed to get the pole to secure the loose end of my new clothesline yet so I still can't get a full picture. Nor do I have a picture of the back, which I'm pleased to report I've already assembled. Maybe after it's quilted I'll be able to get some good pictures. And now I can go play with my basket medallion. :- )


  1. That's *absolutely perfect* for that spot, so much better than a house would have been. It's like a great big lovely kiss! The placement is so much nicer than a central spot, and it really leads the eye round the rest of the quilt. I love this quilt!
    Good idea about the strip of batting. To take the idea further, could you attach a foot-deep strip of flannel with Velcro to the bottom of your design wall which is normally rolled/folded/pinned out of the way. When you need it you let it down to lie on the floor, and then you can unfasten the Velcro and carry the whole thing to the machine?

  2. I still like those greens - and the heart is a lovely touch.

  3. Awww... The heart is perfect!
    And that strip of batting for transport is brilliant!

  4. Absolutely delightful. Lively colour selection

  5. What a fabulous idea! I love that quilt, and they will, too.

  6. LOVE how you pieced a heart into your Scrappy Trips quilt!! The bridal couple should appreciate that detail.


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