Saturday, June 18, 2016

Parts Play Continues

I didn't make any new blocks per the RSC color palette this week. However, after completing the quick quilt top out of the Parts Department I had the urge to see if I could do it again. There are still a few 12" Ohio stars remaining from my RSC efforts in 2015. I put four of them on the design wall.

The colors are a bit washed out in this photo.

Next I went through the 8" blocks because three 8" blocks also equal 24" like pairs of 12" blocks.

I began with the baskets and then filled in with postage stamp stars. It works but... feels a bit crowded.

What if I used some of the ships I've been making lately?

Oh, I like that! Let's see, to make that row work I'll need sashing between the ships and something to bring those rows up to 8" overall.

Now the basket cornerstones don't make sense. Ships and stars go together but baskets seem out of place. And if I add one more row of postage stamp stars on the top and bottom edges I'll end up with a nicely rectangular quilt top for a child.

I haven't yet sewn these rows to the center square but that's what I plan to do next. There's room for a narrow border all the way around the outside. We'll see whether I have enough of something to pull that off!

I'm linking up with the other Rainbow Scrap Challenge bloggers via the link party over at SoScrappy.


  1. Thanks for sharing the building of ANOTHER quilt straight out of the Parts Department!! I enjoy process pictures. Good luck with the finishing!!

  2. That blue sashing is inspired, it gives your little ships a sea to sail on! I think you were right to take out the baskets – I love them, but they don't belong here. I would love to see another arrangement of baskets and the postage stamp stars, which look a little like big sunflower heads... The Parts Department comes up trumps again!

  3. What a fantastic quilt made from odd blocks! You have inspired me, because I have quite a few RSC blocks being ignored in a box, I need to get them out and look at them in a different light - thank you.

  4. Oh, that is fun! I enjoyed the way you showed each of the layouts you tried before you got to the one you liked the best!

  5. You are always so clever at combining various blocks into a charming quilt, and this will be another winner for sure.

  6. This is looking great! Love all of the different scrappy stars.

  7. Oh, I like THAT one even better! Such great scrappiness.


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