Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Quilty 365 - Diary Quilt

June first! Time to check in with the progress of my version of Audrey's Quilty 365, my Diary Quilt. Regular visitors may remember that instead of appliqueing circles I've chosen to cut a strip a day based on what I worked on that day or some other significant event that may have taken place. There have been just a handful of days since I began in November when there didn't seem to be anything particularly noteworthy for the day. On those days I simply cut a strip from a favorite print. I'm using a white-on-white strip for Sundays, to mark the Sabbath, and inscribing a scripture reference on each one.

I don't expect to be able to remember the various projects represented by these strips in the future but it's an interesting experiment. I might even do it again when this one is complete - it gives me something quilty to think about every day, no matter how I may be feeling, and short little seams to sew between the seams of other projects. :- )

Meanwhile, the new color palette for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge has been announced, and the day of the reveal for the next step in the Liberated Medallion QAL is coming up. I didn't make many (any?) postage stamp stars in May for the RSC. I started work on green batik Scrappy Trip blocks for a wedding quilt instead. Guess I need to plan on showing those soon!


  1. This is a really interesting interpretation of the challenge! Those strips look fantastic altogether :) Those short seams must a be a sweet little daily break :)

  2. I love this quilt! Given how far into the year we are, it's going to get quite a bit larger, isn't it? The idea of a quilt with a block or shape for each day of the year is an interesting one, and something I might get round to in hexie format at some distant stage!

  3. Hello Sue!
    You project looks like it's coming along great! I really like the idea if one fabric per day. Keeps it manageable!

  4. Interesting version! And so pretty.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  5. This is a refreshing twist on Audrey's challenge. I wish I'd thought of doing it this way. There are so many times when I wish I'd saved a piece of every fabric I've ever used in my lifetime. I think a quilt like this would work wonderfully well for that purpose. (As old as I am and as much sewing as I've done, that's a lot of fabric -- many quilts' worth of fabric!) You may not remember how you used every piece of fabric but you'll probably remember more than you think.

    I love that you use white for Sundays and write scriptures on the pieces.

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  6. Oh, yes, show soon! All you have to do is say green, and I'm interested. I like your strips. How did you arrange that the Sundays sort of March uphill from left to right?


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