Saturday, June 11, 2016

RSC Saturday

Just a brief post today. I only have two blocks in aqua to show.

I've been making blocks for the first recipient in round two of the Foot Square  Freestyle block swap. Can't share 'em yet. ;- ) But, during that process my ever-growing pile of scraps finally toppled over. I haven't been cutting them into patches and strips as I've been working lately and things got out of hand. So my task for today is to whittle that pile down!

To see more scrappy goodness go check out the links on Angela's blog. Tomorrow will be the stitch along link party that happens every three weeks. I have progress to show for that too. :- )


  1. Oooh, pretty! You know these are my favourite kind of star, because the postage stamp centre makes them 'twinkle' more. I'm with you on needing to deal with my scraps; I've got behind because of the back issue, and have to get at least one block made for Wednesday's ScrapHappy. See you there!

  2. Love the fabrics in your blocks - especially the aqua & white gingham!

  3. Those are so pretty in the teals! Thanks for the inspiration to work on my stars!

  4. Two blocks are better than none!! (And don't worry... I only got two blocks made last week, too.)

  5. Oh how pretty these are; I love the color combinations. Your embroidery in the latest post is coming along beautifully :)


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