Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moving Right Along...

The lonely puppy hasn't been as vocal this morning as he/she was yesterday but he/she is still lonely and bored. And vocal. Poor thing. I discovered that it is a Black Lab and verified that it's quite young. Maybe when the girls are out of school at the end of the week they'll be home more to give the dog the attention it needs.

While I was out in the yard I cut this first peony of the season.

I just love how exuberant, how big and abundant, these blooms are! I also managed to get the back sewn up for my scrappy quilt top.

Maybe today I'll sew up the back for the quilt I've put together for the BASICS Quilt Gather. The sewing machine does seem to drown out the howling next door somewhat.

With my birthday coming up I had to go to the local Department of Licensing to renew my driver's license. The last time this came up I was able to do it online and avoid toxic exposures. They'll only let you do that so many times before they want you to come in and test your vision though. I felt really blessed that there were so few other customers in the building when we got there, and that my husband was able to go with me to drive me home in case I became too incapacitated. It wasn't awful, but I am experiencing the after effects of exposure today (mostly depression). Unfortunately my own dog has to go to the vet today for his physical and booster shots. That means I will be exposed to toxins again and not be in any better shape tomorrow... {sigh}

I really do try to keep this blog from becoming a downer. Sometimes it just can't be helped. It is my blog afterall, and I should be able to moan if I want to!


  1. That peony is GORGEOUS...our season here is over already, sadly, they are such a gorgeous flower. Dare I ask what day your birthday is, considering we share the month?

    I am sorry to hear about the effects you deal with, I know it has to be is your blog and a good place to the positive side, I don't see the venting you do as overly abundant...unlike some blogs I've been running across lately, you share the joys as much as the tough the end it balances.

    I hope the puppy situation gets better, having to work, I have to leave mine home alone during the day...he does tend to get an awful lot of attention when I am home though, so I hope it balances out for him. I've often thought about getting him a buddy, but the crazy neighbor I have would go over the edge about that, and it's already difficult enough dealing with her.

    I hope the day goes well, and your birthday be filled with great things!

  2. the peony is lovely to see, and perhaps the pup will take revenge by digging up their garden which they will often do when bored...k.

  3. Hi! Just dropping in to say that I prefer real people journaling about their real lives --which includes both negative and positive for most people that I know. :-) I hope you will be feeling better in a couple days after your DMV and trip to the vet pass. I catch your blog regularly on my reader, though I seldom comment. --that is not because the blog is not interesting; it is more of a time thing.


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