Saturday, June 5, 2010


I pulled some of my older prints to audition for the back of my Scrappy Trip quilt. I actually cut them to the width I need before having a clue as to how many pieces would be required to get the necessary length. That might not have been the smartest move to make. I confess to being an impatient soul.

So, with the idea of my quilt top being a trip through time via fabric and prints I cut these Millennial prints. You should be able to get a good look at them by clicking on the picture.

But I also really like this Michael Miller household appliances print (on the left below). And then there are the sewing-related prints from long, long ago...

After I grouped them by category like this I took some measurements, did some math, and realized that I would be able to get the length using only the sewing prints! Guess that means I'll have to figure out something else to do with the Millennial prints and the appliances. ;- )


  1. easy, make a kitchen quilt and put the appliances on the back...k.

  2. Impatient...gee, I wouldn't know anything about that...LOL. I am absolutely certain you will find just the right project for the fabric you don't choose for this quilt.

  3. The sewing prints are prettier anyway! The colors are great together as you show them.


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