Thursday, June 3, 2010

Side Trip

There's a retail shop and garden on the way to my daughter's house that I've always wanted to explore. A perfect opportunity finally presented itself yesterday.

I expected to see rows of lavender plants and was looking forward to the more formal gardens featuring herbs. They even have a vertical wall that's been planted with vegetables! What I didn't expect to see were the mature holly trees in several varieties. Nor did I have a clue that there was a fairy village on the property. But it makes sense; it's a magical place.

I assume the village meets in the big tree for councils and social events.

Everyone seems to have plenty of land for their personal gardening activities.

These fairies must have little ones - they have their own treehouse!

The lavender wasn't in bloom yet, except for the starts in a few pots, but the shop was filled with the scent of lavender drying in bunches hung from the ceiling. I was a little concerned that it might be too much for my system but I think it actually had a beneficial effect in the long run. True to its' reputation I found myself in a calm, almost mellow, mood the rest of the day. Not many of my readers will be able to visit the shop or garden in person but they do have an eStore. I encourage you to take a few minutes to look around their site. :- )


  1. What a great place! How lovely would it be to play among the fairies all day?!?

  2. SO glad you had this lovely field/side trip ... restful just viewing it from here!

  3. I guess that must be where the fairies live


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