Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Apparently I Can't Count

I got out the backing, batting, and the quilt top I'd made for the BASICS Quilt Gather to pin baste the layers together. I had to move furniture out of the living room to make room for this process. The back is made of these two prints:

The darker "stained glass" print runs up either side of the daisy stripe. When I trim everything down to size it will be a daisy stipe back with a border of the stained glass print.

Next I smoothed the batting on top. Whew, it's getting warm in here!

Unfolded the quilt top and lined up the top edge with the upper edges of the backing and batting. Pulled the sides into place, then pulled out the bottom edge of the quilt.

Wait a minute.

The bottom of the quilt is hanging over the lower edge of the backing/batting by a good three inches! What???

I sat down on the couch to consider the problem. I was sure I'd measured everything correctly.

Let's see, how many 12" blocks are there?

Seven. Hmm. Seven? I thought there were only six.

7 x 12 = 84. But I thought I needed the 6" Bow Tie blocks in order to get to 84" in length! That's why I put them on there! sheesh

The Bow Tie blocks are coming off. Then we'll try this pin basting process again.



  1. Oh, Sue...I'm so with you on this one. There are times when the floors aren't big enough, the math skills or memory sharp enough and the challenges just want and need to be figured out...NOW! But oh, it's such a good feeling when that back is pieced, everything fits and you can finally get to the final lap! It's going to be great when it's done and so appreciated!!!

  2. Oh man, I hate when that happens! And I'm quite math challenged, so it happens more often than not around here! I hope you soon have it sorted out and are full-speed ahead!

    Glad you had such a lovely birthday! Cute rooster too!

  3. Love it, love it, love it ~ NOT that you were distressed, but that you shared it with us! I've 'never' had a problem like that (HAH!)... glad there was a relatively simple solution (unstitching isn't all that bad).

    LOVE the backing fabrics!

  4. Just one of the many fun moments of quilting!


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