Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My neighbors just on the other side of my studio wall have brought home a young dog. I'm not sure how young but still a puppy. I haven't seen this animal but I have heard it. I'm a mess because all I can hear is that poor dog howling in loneliness. They are never home; I don't know what possessed them to try this again. They had a dog a couple of years ago. Same story: left her in the backyard to fend for herself and then couldn't understand why she wouldn't "behave" when they deigned to show her some attention. Finally they got rid of her. I don't think I want to know how. I was just relieved that she might have found more responsible pet owners.

These people profess to be Christian. Abandoning a dog in the back yard, especially a young one, is not something Jesus (or anybody else with any amount of compassion) would do. I'm not sure this puppy even has the run of the yard. It's entirely possible it is confined to a small space on the back deck. It could be they just have never been educated in the responsibilities of dog ownership. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt but honestly! If you're going to bring a dog into your family at least educate yourself about what's involved. Dogs are social, pack animals. They NEED to be with their pack. In this case that would be the neighbor's family - who are never home.

This morning I put on a CD I have, Music for the Canine Household, and turned up the volume to a level I figured would reach the ears of the puppy. After a while it seemed to have a little calming influence. But then they came out, fed the dog I assume, and are now gone. The dog has been howling ever since. I've resorted to calling Animal Control, more out of concern for the puppy than my own comfort, but if this keeps up much longer I will literally lose my mind. It's all I can do to keep from howling out of frustration and empathy for the dog right now.



  1. i entirely empathise with you and i would (and have done so) call someone - rspca or council or whoever is best. maybe you should also let them know your feelings, not much point in just letting us know, tell them, i would, and i've been vilified for it too...k.

  2. MIL had this issue at her house and it drove her bonkers watching the poor dog next door be neglected. Our neighbors have a female lab who has learned to dig out in order to be around people ... she really needs a new home.

    Keep making those calls .... and we'll keep hoping good thoughts for you and for the puppy!


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