Thursday, June 24, 2010

Full Speed Ahead!

It didn't take long to get the Bow Tie blocks off the BASICS quilt (see previous post). By the end of the day I had not only pin basted the layers together but had it half quilted as well. At the time I thought I was done with the quilting and rejoiced when I saw how much thread was left on the spool:

But upon closer inspection I decided it needed more quilting so I went out yesterday morning and bought another spool of the same color to finish the job.

Not only did I finish the quilting but I also trimmed away the excess batting and backing.

The deck chair was recently rediscovered in the garage. I brought it in to use as an alternate place to sit while I read. I have short legs and it sits low enough to the ground to be very comfortable for me. Turns out is also works well to support the extra bulk of a quilt while it's being trimmed!

I was thrilled to be able to cut binding strips from the leftover backing fabric. I've got the binding sewn onto the quilt and am about half way around the back, sewing it down by hand. This puppy should be done later today - hurray! I'd still like to give it an official name before it leaves the nest though.

My white peonies are done for the season. Meanwhile, the pink ones are in full bloom:
Those petals just take my breath away!


  1. You've already named it ...

    Full Speed Ahead!

  2. What a lot of progress! I love the quilts, and the flower photo

  3. Your quilt looks great: how wonderful that you've got it quilted and bound already. Too bad about the bow tie blocks. I'm sure we'll see them again somewhere else :-)

    Happy Sunday!


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