Friday, December 11, 2009

Two Special Preemies

It looks like I'm going to have to put Sunflower's quilt on the back burner for a bit while I create two special preemie quilts. There is a distinct possibility that the twins DD is carrying will make their appearance between now and Christmas. In this case, not a happy thought. DD is all of 28 weeks along. It would be so much better for everyone involved if those babies could just stay where they are for another month. At this point every day, every hour, becomes precious. I will gratefully and happily accept any and all prayers on our behalf. And I thank you for the support you've already expressed.

Inbetween phone calls and emails yesterday I managed to get more blocks made for Sunflower's quilt. I don't even know how many I made. I do know that I'm very close to having enough for the bulk of the quilt top.

First we have a quartet of blue blocks. Sunflower was born in Washington State so of course I had to use a patch of this print that commemorates the western side of the state. And it only made sense to surround it with a raindrop print!

There were some other folks who dropped in to keep the fairies company too:

I think the spaceship print and the aliens are actually from two different lines of fabric. The blue is from a fat quarter I just picked up the other day; I had the white in my stash from a sale some months ago. When I remembered the white alien print I couldn't resist trying them out as background patches. ;- )

And four more blocks:

I think that's the third block I've made from a fat quarter of the 1960's psychadelic print. There are scraps enough left for at least one more I bet.

I have a few more blocks in pieces at the sewing machine. I'll probably get them assembled and then turn my attention to the preemie quilts for DD's babies. I never expected to be making preemie quilts for my own children's children.


  1. Tears in my eyes, praying like crazy. May you all be strong and may the babies be as healthy as is possible, whenever they arrive. Blessings flow and constant prayer continues.

  2. Well no matter when they arrive they'll be wrapped in love :) Prayers for them to keep baking one day longer, one day longer, one day longer. Love and hugs! xoxo melzie

  3. Love the quilt blocks, and wishing all the best to mother and babies, may they have a safe arrival!

  4. Love the quilt blocks you're making!

    Best wishes to the babies, the mom, you and your entire family, and most especially for the docs/nurses who are caring and advising. Every day does make a difference!

    How big are the preemie quilts?

  5. Best wishes and prayers to you and your family. I hope your DD continues to be healthy and that the babies are well.

  6. I'm really loving the look of this quilt - design and fabrics alike. Prayers are being sent from here for the babies and your dd - and for you to be strong.


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