Monday, December 14, 2009

Stars & Sparkle

I don't think I've shown you the last of the blocks for Sunflower's quilt yet. I have a total of 25 now, plus two from the first set of blocks that I might be able to use. Right now the plan is to only use 24 but you know how things can change.

The aliens dropped into another block...

And you can't make a quilt for a young child anymore without including a clown fish because at some point they are going to be in love with Nemo and Dora!

Meanwhile, I have begun assembling blocks for the preemie quilts. I'd like to keep the quilts a surprise for their mom, my DD, so I'm only going to show snippets for the time being. Here's today's clue:

DD seems to be holding steady at the moment, thank goodness. Her doctor was hoping to get her to 35 weeks before delivering the babies but I don't see that happening. She'll be at 29 weeks on Tuesday and she's already talking about "full-body epidurals." This is the girl who has delivered twice naturally and wanted to do the same with these twins.

Oh, and over the weekend I put together another Christmas tree. It's a little bland, but at least the topper sparkles in the light. ;- )

This one is going to the Post Office where it will be disassembled and redistributed to various parts of the country. We'll keep the prettier one here to enjoy through Christmas. :- )


  1. You did a very nice job with the stars. Somebody is going to love them.
    Good luck to your DD on holding on for a few more weeks.

  2. Personally, I sort of like the tree...and just think how easy it will be to take down! The stars are coming along gorgeously!!!

  3. I'm glad your daughter is doing well. It's good to have those quilt projects to keep yourself busy at this stressful time.


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