Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho Hum

I've had a string of unproductive days. You know how you have all this creative energy for a while and then suddenly it's all gone and even the things you normally enjoy are just too demanding to be fun? That's where I am. I did manage to get that stack of packages in the mail - at horrendous expense. As a result I sent out emails to family members who live in other states suggesting that we donate to our favorite charities rather than exchanging gifts from now on. So far two families have responded with enthusiasm for this plan.

I haven't felt the need for flowers in the studio for months. Yesterday I bought a bunch of mini carnations. I added a few sprigs cut from our Christmas tree and some rosemary from my garden. It smells lovely.

The Toy Society's annual Christmas Drop is coming up this weekend. Remember this little guy?

I found the perfect ribbon to finish him off. It's printed with the words "Merry Christmas" and some holly leaves.

All I have to do now is print out the letter and tags and get him bagged up. I also have to figure out where to drop him...

Here's another sneak peek at one of the blocks going into the preemie quilts for DD's babies:

DD is holding steady. She sees her doctor again on Monday. Hopefully by then these quilts will be well on their way to being finished!


  1. What a lovely idea - donating to one's favorite charity in lieu of gifts. I was discussing with a friend las night what a burden it is shopping for grownups and mailing out packages - even one's own children when they're out with lives of their own.

  2. My sister in MI and we do the donate in each other's honor thing for the holidays ... have for several years. MUCH more effective use of monies for those whose needs are FAR greater than ours.

    You can "drop" that little doggie my way ... he's terrific!!

    Good news about DD. Prayers continue.

  3. Love the doggie and second the motion on the mailing costs. The year we received a mailed box where the cost, the insurance and the next day delivery cost the sender over $100. I knew all of our priorities were way off. The sender was so late in mailing that this was all she could think to do, I'm sure, but the postage far exceeded the cost of all of the gifts together that were inside. If I have gifts to give, they are bought ahead and brought with me when I head to Alaska to care for my folks. I wrap them there, and tuck them away with notes for when/how to distribute them. I stopped the extended family gifts but a little something still means so much to my ailing parents that those I do...but the gift drop off works, long as I remember where I hid them. And yes, I have to hide them. My mom has Alzheimer's and won't wait to open them and even my dad opened a gift for my niece, thinking it was her gift to him. Go figure!

  4. I'm glad your DD is hanging in. With all that's going on, I'm sure not feeling like doing much comes with the territory.

    Cheering yourself with flowers sounds like a great idea. I love the smell of carnations, and they must be heavenly with the aromatic greenery.


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