Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Couldn't Be Any Prettier!

We are having a spectacularly beautiful day. Another one! We had a bit of cloud cover yesterday and rain last night, but today is gorgeous again. This is what one corner downtown looked like earlier in the week:

And the river along whose banks our fair city was built:

I gotta say, when the weather cooperates, this place can't be beat!

Unfortunately, our household had a bit of a rude awakening this morning. Our water heater developed a leak overnight. There was some mopping up to do, bathing was brief and chilly, and now we have to shop for a new water heater. Anyone out there had any experience with tankless water heaters yet?

I think I'm about done with the scrappy blocks for the time being. I found myself getting bored with them the other day.

I pulled all the blocks out and played with them on the design wall a bit but nothing came together. I guess they will go back into the orphan box for the time being and wait for the muse to come by and inject some magic into them.

There are almost 50 Shoo Fly blocks, nearly 40 Churn Dash blocks,
between 30 and 40 Bow Ties, and four butterfly blocks.

I'm not entirely done cutting scraps for patches though. I found some short pieces of batiks leftover from other projects and have begun cutting them up for future use. This little task may be the bridge I need to get me making blocks for either the new batik quilt for myself or the one for my DH. I'm not entirely sure of the color scheme I'm going to use for his so I may begin with mine. Let's face it, there are a lot more bright, tropical batiks in my stash than the darker ones!


  1. i think a bit of distance in the orphan box for the scrap blocks and get cutting the batiks, and you'll be back to these in no time!

    lovely river and flowers. i cant help with the hot water system - we have solar hot water - probably not suitable where you live.

  2. The only bad thing I've heard about tankless water heaters is that you have to run the water hard to get it to work. For example: if a man is shaving at the bathroom sink, he can't have the water running at a slow dribble to clean the razor. He has to have the water running full blast. I told my husband, when we get one, to just fill the sink with hot water and problem solved. Then he would have to clean the sink too! Other than that, they save you a lot of money. I thought I saw one that could support 5 things at the same time. It seems a little extreme though. How often do you run 5 things at the same time? The shower, washer, dishwasher, kitchen sink and bathroom sink. You'd have to be in a lot of places at the same time. Good luck on your search.

  3. We have been debating the tankless option too...interesting to see what you find out. I think the orphan blocks are wonderful!

  4. Lovely flowers in the picture. Those blocks will come together in a big way, and make a beautiful quilt (or 2). It's just the setting together that takes time to decide.

  5. Most people would be running low on fabric by now! You have as much fabric as I do seed beads, lol. Have you done any fan blocks?


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