Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy, Happy Day!

But we'll get to that in a moment ;- )

I've made some progress with the friendship blocks. I was frankly freaking out about this project early in the day yesterday. I think part of the problem was that I didn't have a clear plan of attack. After working with the bits and pieces for a while I began to understand how it needed to be assembled. By the end of the day I was able to actually get some of the blocks and checkerboard units sewn together and now I feel much better about it. I'm pretty happy with the way it's looking so far.

As you look at these pictures keep in mind that the columns of blocks on the right side are hanging crooked. Consequently they overlap slightly, making it a bit of a challenge to gauge how they're going to look in the end. For example, I thought the Sunbonnet Sue block was the same size as the Spiderweb or Kaleidoscope block beneath it. In reality it's half an inch skinnier. Hmm...

I still have quite a bit of work to do but it may be hard to maintain momentum because of this:

My altered version of Gwen & Freddy's new book arrived late yesterday! Woohoo! I've already skimmed through it and am anxious to dig deeper. My sweet SIL did this for me, technically for my birthday in June. Hope she'll forgive me for opening my present early ;- )


  1. What a great gift -- all nicely spiral bound so it lays flat!
    Your pink & black quilt is really looking good! All those little size problems can be worked out with trimming a bit here, adding a border there, I bet. You'll have fun!

  2. It's coming together! You can always add little strips to make the blocks fit together better.

  3. Your quilt looks great-- I love the colors. I agree with the coping strips suggestion. It will help with the math headache of getting all the blocks to fit together. I think the checkerboard sashing really sets the blocks off nicely.

  4. Did she make it so the chemicals in the book won't bother you?

    This quilt is like a big puzzle. You are one busy person.


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