Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time for a Treat...

...because I have two finishes to celebrate! The food quilt is officially done, binding and label and everything. I'll probably turn it in on Tuesday.

I also finished this wall hanging. All it needs now is a good title/name. (I thought I had one in the middle of the night the other night but I didn't get up to write it down. Do you think I can remember it now? Of course not.) I'm open to suggestions.

This measures about 23" wide by 20" high.

I don't know what possessed me to pick this up and work on it again all of a sudden. Guess I've just been in a handwork kind of mood lately. I used scatter stitching to hand quilt the purple areas around the hearts, in a blend of rayon and silk flosses. Next time I'll probably go back to beads. For some reason I enjoy sewing beads onto a quilt more than I enjoyed this process. Go figure.

Haven't begun the batik blocks I was threatening to make a few posts ago. Instead I dug out this stack of Shoo Fly blocks and will be making a few more so there are enough to cover my bed. It's been looking like summer around here for the last 24 hours or so, and what's more appropriate than a quilt of summer-y garden flowers?

These blocks began their lives as entries in a block of the month drawing in my local quilt guild. I was the fortunate one to win the blocks. (Woohoo!) I think about a dozen of them were made by other quilters. I don't remember how many I originally made for the drawing (your name goes into the hat once for each block you make). I do know that I liked the blocks so much that I decided to keep making them so I could eventually have a bed quilt for myself. There are currently 31 in the stack. Last night I figured I would need 42 to get the size quilt I want. That shouldn't take long ;- )

Remember the batik scraps I said I'd found recently? This is what I did with them.

Just orphan blocks at this point, but you never know what they will become someday!


  1. I like the "ice cream" fabric. Lovely hearts, too

  2. Wow, you've been busy lately! Congrats on the "food quilt" finish - it looks great!
    I love your little "hearts" quilt.

  3. Hmmm...fresh out of titles, but I really like the heart quilt. When they are free pieced, they look so spontaneous --- oh, how about "Love at First Sight"?
    Love the colorful churn dash blocks, too.

  4. All these are lovely quilts--you do have a lot to celebrate. That ice cream fabric is mighty tempting, and I really like your batik orphans.

  5. woohoo for the total finish-giving it away? some lucky person will love it. sweet hearts...could be a title-I hate doing the same thing, come up with a brilliant idea and not write it down..sigh...oh well.
    and...fabulous batik blocks..whatever they become will be wonderful

  6. Panhandled Hearts! I just saw the handle at the top left and that's what I came up with. Not the best idea certainly. Bet it feels good to get it done when you weren't expecting to.

    You should have that floral quilt done in no time!


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