Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pansies & Violas

I loaded my pictures in reverse order again. Oh well. Most of them you won't really need to see any larger anyway. I'll leave the quilts blocks for last and that way you should be able to click on that picture to get a better look if you are so inclined.

I've shown you the bird bath I have in the backyard a time or two. A couple of years ago I planted some violas at its' base. In case you don't know, violas are very much like pansies. I bought them because this variety has the same name as my DD. I've always loved pansies but have learned from hard experience that they are pure candy for slugs and so avoided putting them in the ground for a long time. I try not to encourage the local vermin. This time I couldn't resist.

The violas (and the dandelions) are blooming now. This is the single bloom I could find that was still mostly intact. The 'vase' it's in was once a salt or pepper shaker.

This is how the rest of them look.

Some of the poor blossoms never even have a chance to open. The slugs eat them right out of their cap! (Yes, we use slug bait, just not as often as maybe we should. Even though we use the safest stuff available I still can't be around it so I have to rely on others to do my dirty work for me.)

When I saw this print at the thrift shop for only $3.00 I had to have it. I figured it would keep me happy even when the slugs were winning the war.

So far it's working pretty well.

Finally, here's an0ther batch of scrappy blocks:

My favorite is the Shoo Fly in the lower left corner. There aren't two patches in that block that are from the same piece of fabric!


  1. I LOVE pansies! I had to laugh at your 'before and after', the one good flower and the chewed on others! Just think how happy you're making those slugs! Ha!

  2. Love your "intact" viola! All of mine look like your "after" photo - slimed! Ugh.

    Your blocks are looking good - love the mis-matched one. It's a happy block!

  3. Are you able to use beer? Works great for attracting and drowning them. Pie tin buried level in the ground filled with beer. My Mom swore by this. didn't get them all, but sure was a good control. The rest she just stabbed with a stick and when her stick was full, she threw it in the compost bin. She bought the cheapest beer for the slugs.

  4. yes, slugs are an issue here as well-I will be using safe slug bait this year on the strawberry patch for sure. love the blocks...and the shoo fly is also my favorite.

  5. The beer treatment has worked for my slugs too, though when it's raining the slug bait is more effective. Enjoy your pretty viola. Sometimes one perfect flower will really cheer up your day.


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