Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Second Toy Drop

Here's the little ball I made for The Toy Society:

And another view:

I used to make these balls for my own children some 20 years ago. The patches for this ball were still in my stash from way back then. The fabric is that polyester sort-of-flannel stuff they make for children's sleepwear. I must have cut the pieces just right because this ball turned out almost perfectly round. If you cut them going the wrong way on the grain of woven fabrics they sometimes come out kind of wonky. Too bad I don't remember which is the right way! (Of course I didn't mark it on my pattern piece.)

I left this toy near the front door of a health clinic in my own town on my way back from delivering the Foodie Quilt. Stopping at the dentist's office for the first drop gave me the idea to leave the ball here. I'd never been to this particular building before so I didn't know what I would find in terms of places to leave the toy. There wasn't much of an entrance. As you can see, I ended up tying it up in a young tree. It will at least be more visible than the dog I left on the backside of the statue.

I could see one of the clients in the clinic watching me through the narrow window when I took this picture so I'm pretty confident this toy will have been taken to a new home by now.
:- )


  1. How good of you ~ I need to check out this project.

    And I believe that it took longer to gift them than it did to make them . . .


  2. Sounds like a fun project. I do rememeber seeing something about it awhile back, but don't remember it as that particular name. I'll check out the link. Love the ball, should be great fun for someone! Hugs, Finn

  3. What a wonderful project, great toy! And I must say seeing it hanging from the tree really and truly ready for a 'toy drop' is so darn cute and enterprising of you. You're like a Santa's helper for sure ...doing good in this world of ours!!!
    Blessings to you, Sue...may you feel better today than you did yesterday, because coming here for a visit did that for me!!!


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