Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We have been blessed with some beautiful spring weather the last few days. Sunshine, warmer temperatures... it's been heavenly :- )

I broke down and bought a pot of blooming tulips. I figure I'll enjoy them on the back deck until I can make a place for them in my flower bed. According to the tag these are 'Triumph Type' tulips.

They're sort of short, like a dwarf tulip, and so far are not standing up very straight. It was their color that sucked me in. Love it!

I couldn't bring myself to work with the borders on the Foodie Quilt yesterday. Instead I played with the patches I've been cutting. I put together these Bow Tie blocks...

and these Churn Dash blocks:

I am determined to discipline myself to get those borders cut and applied before I make any more of these scrappy blocks. They are calling me like a new toy does a child. But the idea was to use them as leaders and enders between other sewing so if I sew them all up now what will I use for leaders and enders?!

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