Friday, April 24, 2009

Party Hangover

You know, the worst part of this MCS thing is that I just don't learn.

The sun is shining and I was finally feeling really good again this morning. Our local bead shop sent out an email yesterday telling us all about a sale that just started. The temptation was too great. I succumbed and drove over a little while ago. {sigh} I don't need beads for any particular project at the moment. My bead drawers are so full I can barely open a couple of them. Why did I go over there???!!!

After thinking about it for a bit I realize that it wasn't that I needed or wanted to shop for beads. I just wanted to browse. I wanted to luxuriate in the rainbows of color. I wanted to dream about potential projects. It was to be a well-filling experience. Oh well. Back to the blueberries. (At least I like blueberries.)

I have been playing around with pieces I've cut for the Priority Quilt I'm making to honor Terry Pratchett but haven't yet figured out how to put it together. While that's simmering on a back burner I sewed up these Churn Dash blocks from scraps:

I've about run out of the patches I pre-cut for these blocks. I had to restrain myself to keep from using up the patches I'd cut for Bow Tie blocks. I want those to be available for leaders and enders. It would appear that I need to create a new project for myself that involves making blocks one at a time. That seems to be the way I like to work when I don't have the energy to make a lot of design decisions.

In the meantime, my friend C~ was over recently and shared a couple of things with me. This is another quilt she found in a local thrift shop. The front is made entirely of polyester double knit. I think she said that part of the back was a juvenile print flannel.

She finds the best quilts at the thrift shops! She has a yellow and white antique quilt she found once too. It only cost her $3.00 and was not damaged or soiled or anything. I'll have to get a picture of it for you.

And here's what C~ herself is working on:

She's knitting a log cabin blanket! How cool is that? :- )


  1. That red and white quilt is quite ramarkable. I just can hardly figure out how it was sewn together. I once crocheted a log cabin afghan. It was made as just one giant square (well, it was actually a rectangle.)

  2. I empathize with your desire to go out and browse. Sometimes I just need the visual stimulation, though, like you, I don't need anything specific.

    That red and white quilt is amazing. I'm glad it found a home with someone who appreciates it.

  3. How could that end up at a thrift store? And why don't I ever find deals like that? Ha!

  4. I love to knit patchwork patterns - I have a little tote bag and some pillows I made by knitting with fabric strips I cut - charming effect! Churn Dash, of course plus several others. I'm a bead addict too- I'd have been right there with you.

  5. I don't care to get out often but once in a while it just draws me but I don't get sick like you do - I just spend way too much money!

    Knitting a log cabin sounds like a good idea. I haven't tried that yet. I have used the dishcloth pattern to keep going till it's a child-sized quilt changing colors whenever I felt like it.


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