Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well Blow Me Down!

I almost missed it!

Talk Like A Pirate Day was Friday, September 19. (It's always Sept. 19. I need to put that on all my calendars next year!)

Guess I was so distracted by my Fungly quilt that I wasn't paying attention. (Thanks for all the nice comments by the way.)

Fortunately some pirates are partyin' all weekend long so I haven't missed the boat completely. There's even evidence, right out there for all the world to see! Pirates have no shame.

While I was busy stitchin' and tyin' JoWynn dropped by and left me a lovely award :- ) I'm always honored when this sort of thing happens.

"Who, me?!"

She said I didn't have to pass the award along because she knows all too well how precious my time has become to me and it does take time to pick 5 other bloggers whose work I admire, email them about the award, and link to them on my blog. The hardest part is picking the 5 other bloggers. You should see my favorites list! The folks I've put on my sidebar are seriously only a fraction of the blogs I've visited and loved. So in lieu of my nominating 5 specific bloggers, if you haven't already done so, take a tour of the Liberated Quilters web ring and enjoy their work. It's not a large ring and I would bestow this award to everyone on the list. Look for the liberated star badge (it has a yellow background) on my sidebar and click on one of the options under the star. Oh wait ~ you might want to make a cup of your favorite beverage and grab a couple of cookies before you start your journey!


  1. Avast there me hearty. We have a new Liberator aboard. Aaarrmmm!

  2. I celebrated pirate's day by geocaching :) Your fungly turned out very fun! I love Reilly's post card. Looks like you've been very productive.


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