Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Birthday!

We're having a little grandma time in today's post :- )

Baby Susan, who was accidently born at home last year, has been celebrating her first birthday. She's been in training to blow out her own candle but in the end required a little assistance from Big Sister.

She thoroughly enjoys birthday cake!

Well, don't we all?

Miss M gets to start preschool this week too. She first identified herself to her teacher as "Princess Margaret" but then changed her mind and decided she was "Barbie Margaret" thank you very much. By the time school actually starts she may be "Puppy Margaret" or "Kitty Margaret." Three is much too early to have to decide who or what you're going to be after all ;- )


  1. It's so much fun celebrating with the little ones.

    My grandson was a dog - whenever life got too confusing or overwhelming he became a dog. Everyone would back off so I guess it worked. My granddaughter has been called Little Bit since her sister couldn't say her name right - and she was just a little bit. She wanted to be called that at school and her first grade teacher refused saying she didn't call children nicknames - except for all the other kids who had nicknames we are used to. All her other teachers have gone along with her. I tend to forget and call her Elizabeth but she loves me so lets me get away with it.

    I hope someone is recording the things the kids say like Princess Margaret (a name I happen to love) or Barbie Margaret.

  2. Oh my - look at those eyes! Isn't she just gorgeous.

    Love the photo of you and Baby Sue.

  3. What adorable little girls! What a joy for you to have them.

  4. oh! two fabulous grand the photos and comments about special.
    I need to update my photo with Alice to the two year old status!


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