Friday, September 5, 2008

Fungly Interrupted

When I went to layer the fungly top with batting and backing I discovered I did not have a piece of batting big enough. (Naturally.) I really thought I had something I could use, but the only big piece is reserved for another quilt-to-be and I was not willing to cut it down. While I waited for one of my guys to get some batting for me our temperatures dropped enough to make it feel autumnal around here. I was inspired to get out this UFO from last year:

Sometime between then and now I purchased a Halloween print, probably online, probably on sale. Turns out it would be perfect for borders for this top... except there wasn't enough to go all the way around (because it never occurs to me to buy big pieces for borders or backs; I'd rather have lots of small pieces for the same amount of money!). I put a flat piping on top of the orange and black stripe to ease the transition, then added the Halloween print to the left and right sides of the top.

Next I pieced some flying geese units, thinking I would make blocks to use in the corners where the borders would eventually come together.

The problem was that when I auditioned the blocks against the top they were both too big and too busy.

{Sigh} It felt like it took a long time to assemble four of these blocks. I have since taken them apart, into quarters, and have some new ideas to try out. We'll see how well they work...


  1. may have been a process to get to this place, but that block looks great.

  2. I love your "fungly" fabrics! You turn them into something that actually works in a pleasing manner. These images are great.

  3. What a fun quilt. I'm sure you'll figure out the borders. Sometimes it just takes time.

  4. I love the geese..... can't wait to see how you use them. Sure they will be fab...however you do it.

  5. I love the halloween theme for the fungly challenge, looks great! I can never get my geese to look right. Usually I cut off points or the ends are too short. :o(


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