Sunday, September 14, 2008

About That List...

It was a rough week, but I think I'm back. In fact, I couldn't believe how much I got done yesterday. I pin basted three quilts and made my postcard quilt for this month's Take It Further challenge!

You may recall that the concept challenge for this month was lists. Not being one to go for the obvious, I have a list 5 pages long of potential ideas ;- ) I even went so far as to toy with the idea of 'enlisting' Shakespeare's help with this challenge. The ghost of King Hamlet appears to his son (also named Hamlet) and says, "List, list, O list! If thou didst ever thy dear father love..." It would have been fun to portray the ghost and Hamlet on the parapet of the castle. A bit much for a 4" x 6" postcard quilt though.

Finally, the day before yesterday, I asked myself what Reilly's To Do list would look like.

I concluded that it would be pretty short, and fairly easy to illustrate:
1. Eat
2. Sleep
3. Play

Of course, 'play' includes things like barking at the neighbor kids, telling me it's time for a treat, snatching a dirty sock from the laundry basket and running off with it, and generally being a nuisance when I have other things to do. I figured dogs aren't into detailed lists, though, so this would suffice. This postcard was pieced from four different prints, then I did some hand embroidery to highlight certain elements and added the letter beads and the blue "ball" bead in the lower right corner. Now I can begin putting the ties in my Fungly quilt or tackle one of the other things on my To Do list!


  1. Oh this is fun - I wish this could be my to do list!

  2. very clever! its a dogs life, hey?

  3. I do believe you covered most of it, except for the "going inside/going outside" part. Oh wait, would that be YOUR list??
    Glad to hear you got so much accomplished!

  4. Delightful little piece of patchwork and embroidery.

  5. What a fun interpretation of the TIF - loads of imagination, wit and fun - I love it.

  6. great inspiration for your postcard.
    very fun

  7. I love it! That's a super postcard. Of course, I love anything "dog" lol.


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