Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slimy Crawlies

I've turned my attention back to my Halloween quilt now that the fungly quilt is done. You can read about my first steps with it this year here. (It began as a set of lottery blocks I'd won several years ago. Last year I finally set the blocks together with the intention of making a Halloween quilt for our use but got stuck before I got very far with it.)

My friend C~ recently bought about four yards of this adorable snail print. When I saw it I thought the snails would be perfect to include in my Halloween quilt. And I was looking for something to fill out my new plan for the top and bottom borders. C~ generously shared some with me :- )

I put the snails underneath the "Happy Halloween" I'd fussy-cut from a tablecloth panel and stretched out the flying geese units on either side. This is a detail shot of what will be the top border:

Black is really hard to photograph, did you know that?

Once I got the top and bottom borders put together I discovered they were about 2" too long - of course. Back in the day I would have taken the side bits apart and narrowed the compensating strip between the flying geese to adjust the size. Now, in my maturity and wisdom (yeah, right!) I plan to just add a strip to either side of the body of the quilt and call it good. I'm excited to get all the pieces of this quilt together and see how it looks. I think it's going to be fun to have around.


  1. Adding a strip is by far the better solution. Love the border.

  2. makes perfect sense to me -- why undo when you cna move forward :-)

  3. That's gonna be a really cute quilt! And good call on the size difficulties. Keep it simple and be liberated! And yeah, black IS really hard to photograph! Can't wait to see how this one comes out!

  4. I love that snail fabric. Their eyes are brilliant!

    Great quilt. And, yes, I agree with you about maturity and wisdom!


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