Monday, May 21, 2007

Vivian's Round Robin Block

Okay. I'm done now. I counted up the seams and patches still available on this block yesterday and decided there would still be plenty of room left for others to play if I decorated another seam. It just looked too empty to send on the way it was. Like I hadn't done enough. I can see someone else adding to the heart motif - working around it as it were - to fill up that patch but I didn't feel up to it myself. So I picked another seamline and some more beads and did some more stitching today. Now I'm happier. I like the block better, and stitching put me in a better mood. ;- )

The first thing I did was to create that garland of white flower buttons and green leaf beads in the upper right corner of the block. You'll notice that there are two sizes of flower buttons. (Or maybe you won't. It's a little hard to see in this photo.) Remember I said the store didn't have the size I wanted? I think this actually turned out better that what I would have done had I had more buttons in the original size.

Next I stitched on the little crocheted heart and embellished it. Those leaves were fun (on either side of the flower bead on top of the heart) so I decided to do some more on a vine/tree going up the right side of the block. I tried to be mindful of leaving room for others to put beads in around the center patch. There's one leaf that could be problematic. If necessary it could be cut out fairly easily I think.

It's hard to keep in mind that our blocks will all go through a gangly, adolescent stage during which they may not look their best. Based on past experience with round robin projects, however, they all come out beautifully in the end!

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