Friday, May 11, 2007

Bead RR, Reilly, and the Chiropractor

Can you even see what I've done to Joann's block? First I stitched on the taupe floral applique which has some beads on it. Then I beaded the seam coming off the large salmon-y patch on the left. I alternated green and pink beads until I got to the upholstery print where I switched to blue beads instead of pink. The blue looked much better on that fabric. I desperately wanted to do more of the green and pink against that lovely white but it took me a while to figure out which of the remaining two seams to do so that it would look cohesive. When I found the green celluloid button in my stash I had my answer. I didn't want to bead that whole long seam along the top edge of the upholstery print and the button gave me a stopping point. But then I wanted to make some fringe coming out of the holes of the button. Even went to the bead shop to look for the right color. When I got home and tried it it just didn't work. (That's one of the things I love about sewing: you can undo your work without harming the project... usually!) So after a couple of false starts I ended up using two beads out of the tube I bought (!) and another pink bead to fancy up the button a bit. Now that block goes on to Ellen and I get to work on Vivian's next. I think I will wait a few days before tackling it though.

I have also been working on "Hugs & Kisses for Reilly." I have completed beading around the bottom O, have added an eyelash-type wired trim for his tail, and then accented areas around the dog image with more beading. I think I'm ready to back and bind it. I originally thought I'd be putting more of the trim on the ears but now I think that might be too much.

It just occurred to me that you have not yet seen a picture of the dog himself! Let's see if I can get that on here as well...

Isn't he handsome! You can get a sense of what his tail is like from this photo. I tried and tried to get him to pose with his tail up, over his back, but of course that didn't happen. This seemed the best of the lot. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of him in the future...

Went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon. She had recently attended a seminar for cranial adjustments and learned that she may be able to help me with my MCS. The first time she did cranial adjustments on me it was a busy day in the clinic and I'd been exposed to multiple toxins before she even got to me so we couldn't tell whether the adjustments had had any effect. I know for a fact that what she did yesterday had an effect! It was quite interesting actually. It wasn't pleasant, by any means, because the rest of the day (and still today to some extent) I felt like I was dealing with a severe reaction. If I understand correctly the manipulations released toxins that are stored in the head. So I did have a reaction. It just started from the top of my head and worked its' way down my neck rather than beginning in my nasal cavaties and working its' way up. I may go in once a month for additional treatments. She said I could come in twice a month but I'm not sure I want to go through that more often! (Can you say zombie? I napped shortly after coming home, zoned out in front of the TV for a few hours, and then went to bed and slept for another 11 hours!)

By the way, thanks for the comments. And thanks to Tonya (LazyGalQuilting) for helping me get that set up so you could comment! Now I have to figure out how to do links...

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