Saturday, May 19, 2007

Minimal Progress

The sun has gone away and we're back to gray rainy weather. Wish I could send some of this to the southeastern US where it would be put to good use!

I embellished one seam of Vivian's bead RR block last night. Physically I felt pretty well yesterday morning but I sure had a hard time getting moving on anything. Finally I figured out - sort of - what I wanted to do on Vivian's block and decided that I needed to go to the bead shop to see if I could find what I wanted there. I found plenty, of course! Used up about half of the gift certificate I'd received for Mother's Day (but not all on things for V's block!). Then when I got home and started working on it plans changed naturally. I ended up going back out to get more of a certain button I wanted to use but didn't have enough of. Do you think the store had that size of the button I wanted in stock? Of course not! Bought two packages of the next larger size (and some other buttons that were on sale - do you see a pattern here?) to see if I could put them to use somehow. I'm actually quite pleased with the results... which I will show you later. I have decided to also add a motif to a patch. We'll see how that goes... ;- )

My DH and our sons are planning to drive to Idaho over Memorial Day weekend to visit with DH's parents and sibling and family. Much as I might like to I will not be going, for health reasons. What this means is that any shopping that is done in stores I can no longer frequent will have to be done before they leave. Any pictures I may want for my blog will have to be taken and downloaded into the computer before they leave as well. I discovered yesterday that I cannot take pictures of the bed quilts we own in a way that satisfies me. So you may get a few pix of quilts with my DS standing behind it, holding it up! Or you may only see the wall hangings I've done. Or maybe I'll learn how to import pictures from off the web. Who knows?

Today's quilt is a wall hanging I designed last year for a retreat class I taught. I didn't get it quilted until this year (don't tell me you're surprised) as I wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt it. Finally I just gave up and stitched in the ditch to get it done and it's fine. There are some anomalies in the binding application I'm not happy with but I'm not taking it off to try to correct them! Galloping horse at 10 yards and all that. Even with it hanging on the living room wall for the last few months I have to say I really haven't noticed them. (Of course I don't spend a whole lot of time in the living room, and when I do I usually have my back to the wall 'cause I'm watching TV. Details!) It will be coming down soon as I see this as a Spring quilt and I sense Summer right around the corner - in spite of the rain {grump}.

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  1. Only one year to get it my world that is quick! Hope the rain lets up soon. We had 30 minutes of sun this morning!!! so sad when a few rays of light gets me so excited...


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