Thursday, May 3, 2007

Still No Pix

Sorry about that. May have to get DH to give me a show-and-tell lesson. Seems I'm too distracted/busy/lazy/fuzzed-out to read the directions in the owner's manual and learn how to do it all by myself!

I have recently finished a baby quilt for a commission, and then a small companion pillow. Next I will be creating the top and back of a dorm quilt for the same client. Then it will go to a professional long-arm quilter for lovely stitching, and back to me for binding. The baby quilt was only two fabrics, both flannel. The top and the back were essentially two giant Puss in the Corner blocks, done in postive/negative colorway. Turned out pretty cute but the flannel was not fun to work with. I've done it before but it was always for myself and I'd choose patterns that didn't require precise piecing specifically because of the nature of flannel (it shifts rather like velvet does). Working for someone else I naturally wanted to do the best job I could! Fortunately the dorm quilt is plain old cotton and the piecing couldn't be simpler: five stripes of two fabrics (three of one and two of the other).

On a more fun note - for me, at least - I've been busy beading my second journal quilt. I'm doing the standard 8 1/2" x 11" vertical format and have challenged myself to use my favorite shade of green in each of them. My goal is 12 quilts, one a month. I have allowed for Life to get in the way and will settle for 10 if that is what needs to happen to keep me on an even keel. I'm working improvisationally on each one. Trying to learn to hear what my soul wants to do instead of always working to someone else's parameters. This will also be an opportunity to practice keeping the inner critic at bay!

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