Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blogger Junkie

It's official. Six weeks after discovering blogs I'm now a blogger junkie. (Has it even been 6 weeks?) DH was working at the computer station here at home yesterday and I got all put out because I couldn't get to the computer myself to check the blogs I read every day or to post to my own. {sigh} Guess we're going to have to find a set up for my studio so this sort of thing won't happen again ;- )

Fortunately I'm in a much better mood now, partly because I was able to get together with a few like-minded souls in a safe environment. Said like-minded souls are fellow fiber artists who live in the area. One of them lives in a rural setting atop a high hill at the edge of the valley in which we live (up above most of the contaminants). She is also very conscientious about keeping fragrance and other toxins out of her studio when she knows I'm coming, bless her heart (and the rest of her too!). The five of us commiserate about the things that keep us from being more creative/prolific, we support each other in our individual endeavors, and we work to keep each other on track or accountable for the things we've said we're going to do. As far as I'm concerned, we don't meet nearly often enough! We do check in with each other every two weeks via the internet but the face-to-face meetings are so much more rewarding. At least for me. The rest of them have lives to live (jobs, younger children at home, community service, etc.); I have the luxury of time. Not that I use it any better than anyone else. Squander might be a good word to use for my consumption of time... or fritter (and I'm not talking apple here either). I console myself that when I appear to be doing little with my hands I am very busy in my head. To that end I'd like to announce that I believe I have come up with the topic of my next journal quilt. I don't think I'll tell you exactly what it is - although my compadres already know - but rather let you wait and see what develops. You may have to wait a few days as I have to put the binding on the dorm quilt I've been helping to create. Or maybe I'll create the journal top and stew over the embellishments while I apply and stitch down the binding... It's so wonderful to have options! (And to finally feel good again. It's been a rough week physically.)
The sun has been shining. I love it when the sun shines :- ) Reilly doesn't care one way or the other. He just looks cute standing in my patch of buttercups. These buttercups are technically a weed in this part of the country but they're much prettier than most of the other weeds in my yard.

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  1. no worries, ive been doing it for years, and im still addicted :)


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