Thursday, October 5, 2017

The First Week of October

I'm happy to report that I've had more good days than bad as we've moved into October. Yippee! I've completed four quilt tops and prepared backs for them. You've already seen the Piggies in the Garden and my Bee, Myself and I quilt top (in the last post). The other two will be revealed in time. For now I want to share the blocks I've been making most recently.

If you're a regular visitor you know there are turkey tracks all over my Nest.

One more showed up this week, along with a wrench and one more orange 16 patch block for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge effort this year.

8" 16 patch, 10" Wrench, 9" Turkey Tracks

Orange was the RSC color for September. Now we're working with our pink scraps. I have more scraps in pink than any other color (except maybe blue) because of the pink quilt I made for my granddaughter last year. I started with a couple of my larger pieces and made 8" basket blocks.

Those Hole in the Barn Door blocks are 6" and were assembled between seams (as leaders and enders) before I realized pink was the focal color for the month.That worked out well, didn't it? :-)
I'll be linking up with the other Rainbow scrappers over at So Scrappy.

When I went to the kitchen for breakfast this morning I saw something unusual on our back deck:

Can you see them? I think it's a pair of Northern Flickers. They didn't look exactly like the images I've seen elsewhere of Flickers but they don't look anything like other bird species that would be found around here.

I was shooting through our sliding glass door and the screen because I was afraid of scaring them away. The strangest thing was that both would be perfectly still for a time and then simultaneously start a sort of head dance. It's fall here, which seems an odd time for a courting ritual to take place. I guess I'll have to find out whether they migrate and then breed elsewhere!


  1. I think about you and your health problems and so I'm glad to hear that you've had some good days. I'm still loving your turkey tracks!

  2. Where on earth did you find the time to make the corner blocks for the ST&D quilt...? It's great to hear you've had some good days this month. I Googled the flickers, and I'd agree that from the limited view you got, they do look the same. Shame you can't see the red cheeks, for confirmation; they're lovely birds.

  3. Hooray for you feeling better Sue - long may it last!

  4. A fabulous collection of blocks. Hope you continue to feel better.

  5. Hurrah for a good week, and WOW your quilt blocks are all beautiful! We have had new wildlife here this fall too. It is always exciting to get to see something different up close and personal!

  6. Nice start on your PINK blocks for the RSC! Any more where those came from?

  7. Wonderful blocks! I love the pink baskets!

  8. Glad you are feeling better. So many pretty blocks. Off to a great start this month.

  9. Your turkey tracks are a favourite! And I am so pleased that you are having good days. Is it because the colder weather dampens down the nasties that affect you?

  10. Hoping for more good days for you!
    Your turkey tracks blocks are fantastic, and you're making them look soooo tempting. Can't wait to see how you set them!
    And I adore your pink baskets - such sweet blocks!
    It wasn't until I started playing along with the RSC that I realized I didn't have ANY pink in my stash. I've been remedying that for a couple of years now! 8)

  11. Really like the pink baskets -especially the ones with hsts as the handles.

  12. I love any kind of basket blocks in any color.

    Those Turkey Tracks will make for a vintage-y looking quilt. I love those.


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