Sunday, October 29, 2017

SAL Two in October

I'm sorry to report there have been no new caravans stitched up in the last three weeks. In truth, there has been very little needlework taking place at all. Most of my creative energies lately have gone into my patchwork. There's been a little progress on projects other than the caravan embroideries though.

Because of my extreme chemical sensitivities I no longer do the family shopping. Frequently I will go along and sit in the car while others are gathering the goods needed. On those occasions I will either take a book to read or my current needlepoint project. Somehow I can do needlepoint in the car but not embroidery. I find that interesting. In any event, I'd barely made a start on this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design the last time you saw it. Now it looks like this:

This is the larger, cosmetic bag size case that's available in the Stitch & Zip line. This time I'm using the floss that was provided with the kit.

The other project that has seen progress is the pair of stamped pillowcases.

You can see I've nearly completed the top one. All it lacks are the French (or maybe Colonial) accent knots in the centers of the flower heads. I decided to leave those for last because I haven't entirely settled on what color to use.

I'm not sure it shows well in the photograph, but I'm using a yellow, an orange, and a rusty red for the flowers. These are all Nancy's hand dyed flosses. There's a subtle color change in the orange and red which is fun to see show up as I stitch.

Nancy is offering a couple of opportunities currently for followers to win whole sets of her hand dyed floss. Pop on over to have a look. If you sign up as a follower and leave a comment you could win some of this gorgeous stuff for your own projects!

Our next stitch along check in will be in three weeks, on 19 November. This SAL is different from others you may be aware of as we each work on our own projects rather than the same one across the board. So you'll see all kinds of needlework as you make the tour, which I heartily encourage you to do!


  1. I really like your needlepoint. It was interesting to hear that you can't do embroidery in the car but can do needlework. I can't do either in the car! I can only knit - funny how we are the same, but different.

    The stamped pillow cases are going to be beautiful!

  2. Your needlepoint looks fantastic! So much progress has been made.
    Your pillowcases are really lovely. They will be finished in no time.

  3. I love the colors on your pillowcases, they just keep getting and better! Have you decided what you will use for the French knots yet? They will be lovely on your bed or as a gift for someone else. The Frank Lloyd Wright bag is very cool as well. I love his clean lines.

  4. Coming along very nicely.

  5. I reckon needlepoint is easier because the holes are larger and the needles blunter! I can't embroider in the car, or stitch hexies, because it's too bumpy, but I can do needlepoint. I reckon you've got quite a lot done despite not having so much time for hand stitching.

  6. Love your pillowcases. They are so elegant!!

  7. Two lovely projects that are both coming along nicely. The colours on your pillowcase are lovely too and show up just fine.

  8. I really like the pillowcases. I also like the needlepoint bag.

  9. Your pillow cases are very pretty, I'll have to check out those threads

  10. Your on going projects are fabulous. Also loving your penguin quilt in your last post. So cute!


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