Sunday, October 15, 2017

Scrap Happy and Pink

Today is another of those opportunities for me to show what I've been doing with scraps in general for Scrap Happy Day hosted by Kate and Gun and scraps in pink in accordance with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge hosted by Angela. :- )

I'll begin with my scrappy pink blocks. Four 8" blocks...

And five 6" blocks:

 Then there's this quilt top I pulled together out of the Part Department:

It began with the 12" Lego blocks I'd been making out of my 2" scrap strips in conjunction with recent Scrap Happy Days (on the 15th of each month).

I'd reached a point where I was pretty much out of scrap strips and didn't feel like cutting more so I went fishing in my orphan blocks to see what I could pair up with the Lego blocks.

I ended up using an assortment of 9" blocks in two columns to separate three columns of Lego blocks. I felt a border would bring it nicely up to size and corral all the activity in the various blocks. But with all those prints and colors, what would work? The fussy cut patches in some of the 9" blocks lent a juvenile flavor to the quilt so I looked among my more whimsical prints first. Ta daa:

There was enough to put a 3" (finished) border all the way around the flimsy. The eventual quilt will finish at about 60" x 78," a good size for either child or adult. I even had yardage in my stash that worked for backing. :D

I'm linking up with the RSC over at So Scrappy, and you can see the rest of the Scrap Happy Day efforts by visiting Tall Tales from Chiconia (Kate's blog).


  1. Lovely border, this will be a super size. and using blocks that were just waiting, that's the way to go.Maybe I should do something like that, I have some of 4", 6", and 12" and 5 massive 17" log cabin ones.Surely they can be re-arranged to go together!!

  2. I love your orphan blocks quilt--so fun to look at!

  3. Love those pink RSC blocks. They are beautiful and cheery, just like the weather here today.

  4. Lovely collection of pink blocks. Your Lego blocks paired with orphan blocks is delightful.

  5. Having finally reached a spot on our travels where phone/internet signal is good, I could look at your amazing post. The Parts Department is totally awesome, a treasure trove to produce such an amazing piece just like that! Love your pink blocks :-)

  6. Your parts dept quilts are always so much fun! I love how you can make a beautiful quilt appear just like magic!


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