Friday, September 29, 2017

Bee, Myself and I

When I began my Bee, Myself and I project I envisioned an end product similar to this quilt.

I quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to work only with yellows, much as I love the range of colors available in that family. I wanted to work with my more favorite batiks and it turned out I didn't have that many yellows, nor were there many more in my local quilt shop. Being a card carrying Gemini I require variety in my work. So I started making orange blocks and pink blocks.

I planned on 20 blocks overall, for a 60" x 75" quilt. As I approached 20 and played with the layout for the blocks I was unsatisfied with what I was getting. That led to the creation of yet more blocks. However, instead of monochromatic blocks I started including more yellow within the blocks.

I also cut back on the pink as it didn't seem to be working.  I don't think I had quite the right shades.

I've been making anywhere from two to four blocks each month as my Bee, Myself, and I project. Granny Maud's Girl was the instigator of this effort, intending it to be an excuse to make something strictly for our own pleasure.

After making a few more blocks recently I decided to have another go at laying out the blocks. I began with what I think of as the traditional Many Trips Around the World setting. That didn't work. I didn't even try a chevron setting as I knew that wouldn't give me the look I wanted. But by judiciously turning certain blocks I came up with this:

Which I quite liked! I like the impression of sunlight filtering downward diagonally.

I made an effort to keep the darker blocks on the perimeter of the quilt top. I'm not sure how we'll quilt this but I wouldn't mind accenting that drift of yellow somehow. I've made the back out of this batik yardage;

So technically this Bee, Myself and I project is done. Yes, I'll have to bind it but that's just finishing details in my opinion. I suspect I will  be taking a break from selfish sewing for the immediate future. I have my needlework projects to fulfill that aspect of my studio time and I do have some charity quilts I'd like to get finished up soon. :- )


  1. I LOVE the layout, filtering is so true, and the top left with all the lemons and yellows, as they work the way across, diagonally, super finish.

  2. Such an interesting quilt. Love the 'filtering sun' look. I enjoyed reading how your quilt developed. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous effect, like sunset rays through cloud - what my mother used to call "the Finger of God effect". This is a cracker, and if it were mine, I'd be sewing it up right smart too!

  4. The design wall was really used well for this wonderful Sunlight in Autumn quilt. The batik backing is a perfect choice. Congrats on a really unique use of the blocks. It is sparkling and I love it.

  5. It really does look like sun through the window! Enjoy the quilting and the quilt!

  6. That's beautiful! I'm glad you changed things. Those pink blocks will make something else, a baby quilt maybe. This is just grand!

  7. The final layout reminds me of a sun drenched it! I think quilting it with yellow would be wonderful!


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