Wednesday, October 12, 2016

One Step Closer to Finished

Since my last post I've done more cutting than piecing. I've also made three trips to my local quilt shop but only one resulted in fabric actually being purchased. There's a better-than-usual sale going on. There have also been groups sewing in the next door annex. The first time I tried to shop my nose stopped me as soon as I opened the shop door. I had to turn around without even stepping foot inside and go back home. I made it into the store on the second trip but there were so many customers I didn't feel safe sticking around. People don't realize how very fragrant they are between the laundry products in their clothing, scented hair products, deodorants and of course, perfume. 

On my final attempt I was at least able to buy fabric to back two quilt tops. It took more brain power than I was prepared for however. There wasn't quite enough yardage of the ideal print for the back of the Macabre Medallion, and nothing that looked quite right to back my Precious Gems top. Eventually I figured out ways around those issues. I also bought some of this batik to potentially use with my F2F2 blocks:

I have another print that's also a black background with yellow and orange splashed on it that I might use as sashing. The batik would be borders. Here's a quick reminder of the blocks I received:

I haven't yet decided - or even given much thought to - how I'll set these. I always strive to do something unexpected or out of the ordinary though.

The cutting I've been doing has been to trim four quilts in preparation for binding. I don't have detail shots yet of the quilting; I'll try to remember to get those for you. James was busy with our local Shakespeare Festival during the summer months and then had one thing after another go wrong with the third-hand long-arm machine he uses. He had a pile of tops and backs and now I have a pile of quilts to bind! The largest quilt I had to trim was my F2F quilt, which I made to fit our double bed. The other three are donation quilts and are all smaller (thank goodness!).

The trimmings from these four quilts made my scrap pile grow so high it was in danger of toppling over.

Here the scrap pile is leaning up against my sewing machine.

I'm going to have to find somewhere else to store them or something to toss them into! I'm beginning to give some thought to what I might do for next year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Not sure I can wait that long to do something about this pile however. ;- )


  1. Sue, just a thought, if you are not too many miles or km from your local quilt shop, would they agree to bringing fabrics to you? I cannot stand the smell of raw fish, petrol, or paint or varnish, but they do not really affect me, other than the strong smell. You have been so busy and all those trimmings, I can see they will be saved up for more projects.

  2. I sounds like you were at Calico Creations ????

  3. You have such a debilitating condition, Sue. I admire you for getting anything done, and remaining so cheerful. It must annoy you to know that so many chemicals used in our world are unnecessary. Love your quilt!

  4. I'm so glad you were able to finally get your fabric and at a good price too. As you know, for the very same reasons I by a lot of my fabric online to finish my quilts. I have lots on hand to work with for tops and really should not have to buy more for ages, but I so dearly love to see the new things. Your blocks are beautiful. What fun they will be to put together. Can't wait to see what you do.

  5. Well done for actually getting inside and making some purchases!! I think many people have noses so desensitised by the modern overload of fragrance that they doen't realise what a chemical burden they're carrying around with them. Some fellow feeling today; i'm in a darkened room, wearing sunnies and with my screen brightness turned right down. Yup, the tail end of another migraine, only 3 weeks since the last one :-( Hope the drugs kill the last of it, I have sewing and spraying waiting for me...

  6. I can see where online shopping would be your friend! (I gave up wearing any kind of avoidable scents years ago, both for my sake and for others') (Though I'll admit I once dabbed on a little vanilla extract as a perfume...)
    I love that leafy fabric you found!

  7. Loving your beautiful quilts ♥

  8. Love that orange and yellow you're thinking of using for borders. It's so great to see all the blocks together. Is it bad that I can't pick mine out, but I know Moira's? LOL I hope all the machine issues are fixed now, and it's smooth sailing.

  9. that batik fabric will be perfect for F2F2


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