Sunday, October 16, 2016

Barely Stitching Along

There hasn't been a lot of hand work happening here in The Magpie's Nest since the last SAL check in. I put in a small section of stitches on the koi needlepoint canvas. This is how it looked the last time I shared it:

I've filled in a bit more of that section next to the tail since then.

I've also begun work on a new stitch & zip coin/card case.

All I've done so far is some of the white background. Can you even see it?

Others have no doubt made more progress on their stitchery projects You should go and see!


Nancy J said...

I so admire you for the fine stitcheries you do!!! Yes, I can see the white, and this will be lovely for the wee purse.

claire93 said...

oooh two projects on the go ^^

sewingbesidethesea said...

The koi deserves to be finished as it's such a colourful design. There's no time limit and a few stitches now and again will pay off eventually :-)

Kate Chiconi said...

That koi project is just gorgeous, and yes, you can see the white stitches, it's the bit where the background doesn't show through! Cute little purse - keep calm and stitch on!

aslightobsessionwithbooks said...

Two very pretty little projects :)

rutigt said...

Ah.....You also have two projects going on and working on both you are and yes, I can see the white!!!!!!