Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Where I Write

Celi over at The Kitchens Garden invited her readers to share the spaces where they sit to write. I learned of this invitation via Kate at Tall Tales from Chiconia. The one caveat was that we are not to tidy up before taking pictures. Gird your loins dear readers!

This is the view directly in front of me as I sit with the laptop on my lap, which is where I do most of my writing anymore. If I look up and a little to the right I can see the small television set with the news or whatever movie I happen to have on for company. If I look further to the right I have a limited view out the studio window. (Limited by the hedge that has grown too tall and desperately needs to be trimmed.) By the way, that's a dog bed on the floor in front of the open closet door.

Looking to the left is my work space.

You can see that a little beyond that is the design wall. When I'm sewing or writing by hand (you know, those old fashion things called letters) I'm facing the design wall. And when I'm sewing the laptop has taken up residence on the end of my ironing board lately.

Now, for the very brave among you, a shot of where I no longer write:

I bet you can guess why! The laptop was meant to live on that little table, and the wing chair is delightful to sit in for reading or writing... when it isn't piled high with quilts or access obstructed by that box of stuff that needs a new home. Yes, this is my bedroom. You can also see the stack of books I'm currently reading or have recently finished. (There are not enough bookshelves in this house either. Actually, I'm not sure there could be enough bookshelves in this little bungalow!)

So there you have it, warts and all. Are you brave enough to take up the challenge?


  1. I see there's another orange and white block taking shape on the ironing board! And that high black unit with drawers behind the ironing board is enviable - if only I had the space! Well done on a very honest and candid view of your creative environment.
    I went shopping yesterday, and laid the foundations for my orange/pink/navy fabric collection when F2F 2016 kicks off. I'll be posting about that later.

  2. Like you, I can't have a chair in my workroom without it being covered in a quilt, knitting, pieces of fabric, etc. in no time. If anybody is ever allowed in, there's nowhere for them to sit apart from on the chair in front of the sewing machine which is always clear and ready for action. I am boring and 'write' at a desk.

  3. I couldn't find a like button so...LIKE!

  4. I love your photos! Your space has s buzz and creative energy. Who cares about mess? I am suspicious of tidy work spaces because part of the creative process is putting different things together. How can you do that if the inspiration is tucked away in drawers?

  5. Mine wouldn't look too different, except I'm facing an entertainment center that has shelves of books and a TV. =) Thanks for sharing. It's always interesting to see where any creativity takes place. =)

  6. Although late to this computer died this very day, as I was about to do my own " this is where I work" post..... it's lovely to see where all your prolific action happens. My space looks like this too most of the time, so I don't think fellow quilters see it as messy, just a busy workspace, it's only non-quilters who get in a knot about the "mess".


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