Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stitching Along in April

When I finished the flamingo needlepoint case (which you can see here) I had to make a decision about what to pick up next to stitch. I have a couple of blank prefinished cases to fill in with needlepoint. I just haven't had the brain power to figure out how I want to decorate either of them.

Back on April 1 (no foolin'!) I showed the bluebird needlepoint canvas I'd begun because it required the least amount of brain power. I believe it was at this stage when you last saw it:

There's been a lot of time in the last ten days to work on this piece. I stitch when I'm waiting in the car while someone else is doing the shopping for me (most stores are too toxic for my extremely sensitive system). I also stitch when I'm not capable of sewing. Sad to say there's been a lot of that lately. But at the same time that means there's been lots of progress on this little canvas!

I think the light blue background is going to work. I had some concerns about that.

I also made the decision to stitch beyond the circular frame indicated by the designer. My goal is to make the stitched area six or 6.5 inches square. However, it's looking like I may have to go over the painted line that frames the bird with a couple more strands of floss. I've only been using six strands, partly because it's just the easiest thing to do. The six strands just barely covers the canvas mesh and obviously doesn't quite cut the mustard where that dark paint is. It may not cover the color swatches down the right side either. We shall see. I have to remember to go back and put in the single stitch highlights too!

I invite you to see what everyone else is making by clicking on their names:
AvisClaire, Gun, Carole, Wendy, LucyAnn, Kate, Cathy, Jess, and Constanze.
Just so you know, this is a world-wide group so time zones have an impact on when posts show up.


  1. Wow! You've done such a lot this time. Well done, it's looking great :-)

  2. You've made loads of progress with this. Hope you manage to cover the circle ok :)

  3. Do you need all the canvas around the outside to make whatever it is you intend for this piece? If not, you don't really need to worry about covering the colour swatches. As for the circle, you could keep going as you are, and then do a decorative circle in backstitch in say, dark green, which would cover the circle without having to worry about increasing the thread count of the floss you're using. The circle would look nice framing the bird. Whatever it is you end up doing, I'm looking forward to seeing the finish!

  4. Sorry to hear that you've been having more health challenges lately. But your needlepoint is really coming along nicely. Good luck covering the dark lines - I have no helpful suggestions for you.

  5. one idea that occurred to me about the dark circle, is to paint a lighter color over it! I am sure you could find a pen that would work and then covering it with you using yarn wise should be ok..just throwing out another idea...I have not done needlework since the 80's...nice to see yours come along

  6. The bird is definitely a beauty and you've made so much progress on it. I'm sorry that's also an indication of not feeling well enough for other things, but at least you can say you're working on something and you love how it's going. =)


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