Friday, April 1, 2016

Bee, Myself, and A Bluebird

Once again the last several days have been physically difficult for me. It's such a tiresome cycle. I've made a couple more ships; I'll show them to you another time. When I've been more than a vegetable I've been doing more needlepoint. That's what I do for selfish sewing. As I was approaching the end of the flamingo card case I knew I would need something new to work on. I found a vendor on Etsy who had some small needlepoint kits for sale. I bought three. Two are of birds, the third is a floral arrangement. I chose to begin with this bluebird canvas.

I made subtle changes in the color palette. The most dramatic change is in the background. White was included for that purpose. I just couldn't go there. I'm thinking I will square off this composition and have my friend C~ use this as the front panel of a sewing tote or maybe a small bag for one of my granddaughters. White wouldn't last long in that application! I debated over pale green, yellow, or blue. I'm hoping the pale blue I chose will contrast enough with the blue of the bird's head to be effective.  

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Nancy J said...

Great idea for a pocket on a bag. Our friend Joyce does like doing stitcheries, and they are wonderful to have on a bag pocket, and show them off. I like your idea of not using white.

talltalesfromchiconia said...

Very pretty! I think that blue should be pale enough. A friend of mine back in the UK used to have a small wall cupboard with glass panelled doors, and she had an embroidered panel behind each door because the contents weren't pretty enough to be on display! It was a great way to showcase the embroidery and hide the clutter!

ipatchandquilt said...

I think the pale blue is the right way to go! it is so soft and gentle. It goes the the bird so well!

Granny Maud's Girl said...

I always love white as a background colour, but I can see how it is not always the most practical colour.
I guess a pale beige would still show any dirt?

desertskyquilts said...

That will be lovely with a blue background. I like that is relatively simple, but really attractive. It will make a great bag!