Monday, April 25, 2016

F2F Update

So after that burst of energy things stalled a bit last week. I've sewn my Foot Square Freestyle (F2F) blocks into four-block units -- except for the rainbow blocks. I showed you the yellow, blue, orange and green blocks in this post. At that point I hadn't sorted out the blocks featuring pink. This is how they've been arranged:


Last up were the rainbow blocks.

I'm not keen on having both color wheel blocks in that set. I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do instead however. I have a 6" star, rainbow hues on black, that might replace the second color wheel. 

Most of the last week was spent coping with migraines. As a result there are new postage stamp stars and ships.

There's something about the focus required to make the postage stamp units that makes the headaches fade into the background. Most of the time.

The ships are just fun. :- )


  1. What a fabulous collection! Could you maybe use the rainbow hued set of four as the corners of the quilt, so that the two similar blocks are well separated?

  2. Those really are beautiful blocks! I agree that putting the rainbows in the corners to separate them might be helpful.
    Love your little boats!

  3. Rainbow blocks and boats, my favourites for today.Migraines, as only one who had been there would know. A dark room,lots of really cold compresses, flat ginger ale, and instant medications was sometimes the answer for me. How can you manage to focus and sew?

  4. All of your F2F blocks are just great. I'm interested to see what your final decisions are. Love those little ships AND the stars. One of these days soon, one of those, at least, will become a leader-ender for me, too.

  5. The ships are really pretty! As all the rest.


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