Saturday, April 30, 2016

Selfishly Stitched in April

Sort of like an eclipse, a check-in point for two unrelated groups I play with have fallen on basically the same day. The work I do for these two groups overlap although the check-in days usually don't. One is a stitch along in which most of the participants are working on cross stitch projects. The other is Carla's Bee, Myself and I for selfish sewing. My selfish sewing is the handwork I enjoy doing but that tends to be neglected. This month there hasn't been anything wildly creative. I'm still working on filling in the background on my little bluebird needlepoint canvas.

This is where is was when you last saw it:

And this is where it is now:

I've got the highlight stitches in place. I'm going well beyond the indicated outline for the design so the finished canvas can be used as a small tote bag front or the pocket on a tote. As you can see, I haven't yet addressed the issue of the black paint shadowing through. I may try for a decorative stitch or some kind of embellishment to disguise the circular frame around the main image. What to do about the designer's signature in the lower left corner is another matter. Paint may be the only option. Someone else will have to do that for me. My body won't tolerate paint fumes. However, this project may go on the back burner between now and the next check-in day(s). The urge to do something with beads has cropped up again. ;- )

 I invite you to have a look at what the others have been working on with their needle and threads:
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  1. Is it worth having a little scrape at the coloured bits with the tip of a scalpel or craft knife? Mostly the colour doesn't sink all the way into the canvas, and you may be able to remove enough to make it invisible once stitched over. For the circle around the bird, why don't you do a ring of beads, while you have beading on your mind...?

  2. Two birds in one (or something like that.. :) ) Nice anyway!!!

  3. it's a shame the lines are showing through the stitches

  4. It's looking lovely.
    I'd do a round of stem stitch, or something similar to cover up that black circle, but I'm sure whatever you do will look great :)

  5. It'll be good to get the background finished. You've done quite a lot this time :-)

  6. That's great progress! You're going to be done before you know it!


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