Friday, April 15, 2016

ScrapHappy in April

I've only made one potholder so far this month. My goal was two per month, out of scraps or blocks that weren't finding new homes otherwise. Oh well, one is better than none!

These were all single HST's. Generally I find four the most useful number to have. I can turn them into Shoo-fly or Churn Dash blocks pretty much without thinking anymore. The method I use most often for making HST's creates pairs so having single ones is an anomaly. This 8" potholder top nearly eliminated the short stack that had accumulated.

I've also been adding to my scrappy armada.

Did you notice my prison ship? ;- )

I'm indulging in the colors I like the most with these ships too, not just trying to use up scraps that have been around forever.

Wow, that orange doesn't glow like that in real life!

Although some of them have been around forever! The hull and sails of this boat are what's left of an early Patrick Lose print.

I've always loved his whimsical spin on quilting prints.

There are more scrappy projects to see over at Tall Tales from Chiconia. Go have a look!


  1. I love love love your regatta! I can't pick a favorite out of all those blocks - too many perfect choices!

  2. Popped over from Kates to check out your April scrappy quilt. Love the pot holder and the sail boats are adorable. It's harder to comment on blogspot but I'm at a wordpress site.

  3. That prison ship is clearly part of the First Fleet, bound Down Under and heading for Botany Bay!

  4. Close ups, that shows up the wonderful fabrics you have chosen. This will be a stunner.

  5. Your Armada is so cute, especially the prison ship and what I'm calling your salsa boat. =) There's still plenty of April left for your second potholder.


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