Friday, November 25, 2011


Wow, these two pictures loaded fast! I'll have more of that please. :- )

I hope all my (American) cyber friends had a good Thanksgiving Day yesterday. Ours was quiet, just DH and I this year. As poorly as I was feeling it was just as well. Nevertheless, we were - and are - grateful for so much that we enjoy throughout the year. I was especially grateful to have the binding finished on Kaela's quilt...

and on my Pioneer Medallion quilt.

You can see Heather's lovely quilting really well on the back of the Medallion quilt. There was enough of that 110" wide backing fabric to cut binding strips too. When I sat down to put the binding on, however, I couldn't stomach that wine color near the reds I used in the quilt top. I had to go out and buy a nice solid navy blue and make a new binding. That works just fine, on both sides. It was very peaceful to sit and hand sew the binding down while I listened to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on audiobook. I slept really well under the quilt too. ;- )

Today I'm grateful to be feeling better than I did yesterday. I'm also excited by a bit of inspiration I had last night. Not sure I'll be able to show you much as I want the final product to be a surprise (it is that time of the year after all!) but maybe I'll be able to share sneak peeks. Rest assured, I will not be abandoning my blog as long as pictures continue to load so sweetly!


  1. So glad photos are sorting out for you and your out of sorts is becoming more better in sorts or is it..'orts'...working with tiny pieces? ;) Be in good sorts of orts, dear lady! Can you tell I only got 3 hrs of sleep when I need 3.5 to survive? I get sorta silly :)

  2. LOVE the black and white and red ... perhaps I should send you the leftovers from my red white and black and let you play ... I have so lost interest in it (and it could be so very cool)

    Happy that your photos cooperated today!

  3. Hurray for pictures that post!! I'll have to venture in and give it a try I guess. I've definitely fallen off the edge into Never Never Land I fear, or maybe just down the rabbit hole, LOL
    Hope you feel better soon, love the dark blue binding! Hugs, Finn


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