Sunday, November 13, 2011

And the Saga Continues...

Actually, it feels like two sagas running simultaneously. One is the ongoing struggle to figure out why my pictures aren't loading quickly and easily to my blog, the other is the saga of Kaela's quilt. Let's start with Kaela's quilt.

A post or two ago I finally was able to show you a section of the back I'd created out of a buffalo check flannel with a border of red with white polka dots. I had to add a bit of red and white stripe to make the borders long enough. Well, they still weren't quite long enough, at least not in one corner.

Yes, that's my Warm & Natural batting showing beyond the backing. At this point I had begun to take out the quilting so I could add yet another piece of flannel to extend the back. You may or may not be able to discern the quilting lines. It may be better if you don't. ;- )

I took a strip of the backing that had been trimmed away elsewhere and added it back on. I'm hoping that new strip is long enough to be enclosed in the binding. I'm not sure that it is, and I'm afraid to look any closer to find out. I had my son Fray Check the raw end just in case.

So now Kaela's quilt will be even more unique. I sure hope this young lady likes funky!

As far as the photos loading is concerned, I had no trouble or delays at all when I posted pictures to a group blog the other day. They were pictures I'd taken in the last week or so too. The newer pictures I've tried to load here are the ones that time out and consequently don't load at all, no matter what approach I take. Older ones seem to load okay. I've still not had any response from either Blogger's Help Forum or Picasa's Help Forum. I just find this all kinds of frustrating.

I don't think I'm going to mess with Kaela's quilt at all today. I have another quilt basted and ready to quilt too, that I haven't shown you yet because of the photo issues. It's the lap quilt I made out of my pieced 1.5" strips. Right now I can't afford to spend any more time or emotional energy trying to load pictures so I think I'm going to get out my most colorful orphan blocks and see what happens when I throw them on the design wall. I need playtime!


  1. Playtime is good!!

    Maybe you just need to load your photos on Picasa and link us to your photo album . . . not ideal, but surely less frustrating than what you're dealing with.

  2. Oh man, I HATE when my backing isn't quite big enough. And I've had that happen more than a few times. Even worse is when you have to take out quilting stitches! No wonder you're frustrated!

    Yes, playtime sounds like it is called for! I hope you have fun with whatever you do.

  3. Do you think your pictures could be too big??? I'm sure you've already thought of that or mentioned it but i thought i would. Funny blogger gives me many problems but uploading pictures has never been one of them. I've had a time or two that it said one of my pics had an 'internal error' but 99% of the time they load lickety split. I wish i was more help.
    I know the blogger people are no help. The one time i tried to get help by piggy backing on to someones post that WAS getting attention i got yelled at. so go problem was related to their problem but apparently thats a no no..........uughhhh


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