Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Play

I meant to get back online over the weekend to wish everyone a beautiful Easter...

But I confess to getting distracted. ;- )

I played around a bit with some bright prints that will eventually end up in QuiltDiva's hands.

Then I found myself sewing scraps and a couple of new pieces of fabric into simple blocks.

My friend D~ spent some time in the big city south of us recently. She brought back this fun skull print to share with me.

The first block I made with it was this liberated star. Then I went on to make a couple of Shoo Fly blocks. With the completion of the puzzle quilt that went to Japan I need to build up my stash of available blocks for the next quilt like that one. I think I finally get that I most enjoy working block by block rather than with strips or by some other "production" method. Which is not to say that I will never use one of those other methods for building a quilt, just that my instinct is to work a block at a time. So why not go with what you know?!

In closing, let this doting grandmother share with you her favorite picture from Easter Sunday.

I remember straw hats, white gloves, and shiny patent leather shoes from the Easters of my youth. This one is more likely to remember those sparkly pink sunglasses!


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