Monday, April 18, 2011

Playing in the Sunshine

We had a couple of days of gray skies - nothing unusual there - and heavy rain, which is unusual. Saturday was an improvment, with cloudy skies but no rain. Yesterday was spectacular!

The sunshine on the leaves of the rose bush outside my studio window inspired me to do the quilting on my swap quilt.

Mostly I just stitched loosely flowing lines in a sparkly yellow thread. But in a "grassy" area I went so far as to attempt lines that could indicate grass or bushes.

Of course I couldn't stop at just quilting. I had to add a few embellishments. I think this is where real playtime happens for me: embellishment!

I had to gussy up the house too:

Having done that, the upper half of the quilt looked pretty barren. I'll show you how I dealt with that in the next post. ;- )

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