Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrate Friends

So, before I could do anything more with the doll I started (see previous post) I got a call from my Darling Daughter. She sounded awful. Her voice was a whisper and she sounded extremely tired. Second Son and I drove over to her house to tend the children while she went to the doctor. When we arrived we found Sunflower in the living room, at the brand new couch, with an open carton of raw eggs. One egg had already been broken into the carpet. Another had obviously leaked in the carton. The rest were on the seat cushion. There was what looked to be at least half a box of cereal strewn all over the carpet as well. DD was sound asleep in her bed, one infant on either side of her. Son started cleaning up the mess and I let DD know we had arrived.

Several hours later DD came home with the news that she had been diagnosed as being dehydrated and had strep throat. They pumped three bags of fluids into her and gave her a prescription. Son stayed with her overnight, and the next day she was able to take her children to a friend's house to spend a few days. There are three adults in that home so there were plenty of hands and eyes to take over for her and let her get the rest she needed. Whew!

Since Saturday she has perked up immensely. The older two granddaughters are now being treated for strep as well, and the babies are being closely monitored. I have been a slug for the last few days however, no doubt trying to fight off an infection of my own. Fortunately I had finished my "Celebrate" ornament before I even began the doll so I can share that with you today. Here's the lower half of the ornament:

And the upper half:

And the whole thing:

I have tried to upload these pictures so you can click on them and get a good look at the beading. This ornament turned out to be something of a technique sampler, which is fine by me. It was fun to do and puts me in mind of fireworks. Completely appropriate for a celebration!


  1. I'm also a very proud Maw-maw of 6 grandkids! Jonathan, Nathan, Brandon, Haley, Kaley and Aden. I'm also happy to say that my 7th grandchild will be here in June. It's a girl and her name is Sofia! I have 3 furry ones, Rocky, Sweet Pea and her sister Lily. I have 3 kitties, Ashes, Gracie and Cali also 1 feathery friend. I love God, my family, Church, friends, animals, the outdoors, flowers and beading! I'm a Certified Florist but my heart says beads, beads and more beads! My mother made the most beautiful beadwork that I could have ever dreamed of! When mom passed is when I decided to keep up her legacy and learn to bead. Now I love it! I have a new line of Amulet Bags and a couple of Patterns now to. Here's a few places that you might find me and see some of my creations

  2. My goodness, y'all have been through it (as my grandmother would have said)!!! "Celebrate" is great...my first impression of it was that it looks like a carnival and fireworks...definitely something that makes me think celebration! I hope everyone is feeling much better.

  3. How miserable to be sick with new babies and small children to tend. It's a good thing you were able to step in and lend a hand. I hope you all are healthy and strong soon.

    Nice fireworks display. The beads really lend themselves to this theme.

  4. The Celebrate looks like it was lots of fun to make! Very cool.
    Hope your DD recovers quickly!

  5. Hope everyone is feeling better by now. Getting sick when you've got new little ones is the pits. How'd the couch clean up?

  6. I was thinking of everyone getting sick and forgot to say your ornament came out great. It makes me think of fireworks too, the ultimate celebratory medium! Really nice. You are going to like your set when they are all done and seen together.


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