Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Look What I Got!

I belive I mentioned an ATC swap that was being organized by A Creative Dreamer. (Yes, here it is.) The names were mixed up and paired up and the ATC's sent out. As it turned out, Creative Dreamer and I ended up being swap partners. Here's the card she made and sent to me:

She's been reading my blog and was inspired to add a few beads to her doodle. I think it's absolutely charming. :- )

Meanwhile, our local bead shop will be closing in about two weeks. I went back again yesterday to show my support and see what I could find to supplement my stash. I found lots! I could easily have brought more home if I'd had the budget for it.

FYI, the square container holds clear bugle beads. They don't show up very well in this photo.

I have also been pondering what to do for my March ornament for the Bead Journal Project. I want to recognize or honor spring somehow. Or perhaps it's the effect of spring on the earth that I want to document. In any event, I have selected this hand dyed fabric in spring greens and yellow...

and have chosen this raku button to be my focal element:

I'm excited at the prospect of turning this into a representation of spring. At the same time I'm a little apprehensive because I'm planning to try out new techniques and of course I want the final product to turn out well. Wish me luck!

Oh, and thanks for your thoughts on the crazy quilt in the previous post. I feel better about its' potential now.


Kaite said...

The atc has the sweetest pattern, i can see lots of tropical rainforest images. The beads were a good win too. Kt.

Barbara C said...

Your March ornament is off to a very strong start: great colors and a great face. I look forward to seeing what develops.

freebird said...

How neat that you inspired her to add some beads to the ATC! Your MARCH piece sounds like it will be quite nice. I don't like the idea of failure either but you have to try out the new things and where better than in your "journal"?

I am almost done with JANUARY so think you are doing very well.