Tuesday, September 15, 2009


IBOL Guy counts 3,436 bundles of love received so far. He's even put up a video so we can all see what the warehouse looks like: check it out here.

This is such an amazing yield from the seed of one little idea. Makes you wonder what the rest of us could accomplish if only we didn't squelch those ideas we have that seem outrageous in the moment. Of course, he did plant that seed in especially fertile soil. I'd venture to say that there are few groups of people as generous and open-hearted as those involved in the textile arts.

Meanwhile, I haven't been playing in textiles so much lately. I've been drawing. Calamity Kim pointed me in the direction of Zentangle.com and I got completely sucked in.

Basically Zentangles are organized doodling. If you buy the official supplies you're working on a lovely tile of handmade paper with archival ink. I've never had any confidence in my drawing skills but this is just pattern making, and on a small scale at that. I can see where it may have the effect of building my confidence over time.

Can you guess which holiday was on my mind when I did the tile below?

I see all sorts of similarities between these drawings and quilting. Each tile reminds me of a crazy quilt. The line drawings could easily be translated to quilting lines. Another perk I've discovered is that completing one of these takes much less time than completing even a small quilt!


  1. I'm pretty sure fabric designer, Valori Wells, uses this technique to bring out her own inner artist..but I'm not sure you need to! I think your inner guru is right there all the time because these are AMAZING!Keep it up, I LOVE them!!!

  2. LOVE the IBOL video clip . . . the power of GOOD at work!

    Your doodles are incredible!

  3. The doodle art is awesome Sue! I think it's a great nitch for you to explore and fascinating besides.
    THree cheers for IBOL project...quilters are amazing people!! Take good care of you, Hugs, Finn

  4. Did you buy the kit? Is it worth it? I think you've done a great job with these. I have trouble coming up with things to fill the spaces. I think I'm too uptight to do well with these but I keep trying. I never bought the kit and I wonder if it would help.


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